Hole 10 – Par 4 – 287M – Stroke Index (10)


The back nine begins in a similar fashion to the front, you need a straight and accurate tee shot to a narrow fairway that slightly doglegs right and opens up around the 150 metre mark.   

10th Fairway


Do not go left as the scrub and trees will make it very hard to find.


Your approach is very straight forward to a small green, get it in the middle and go for the red number.



Hole 11 – Par 3 – 164M – Stroke Index (8)


Woodend’s signature hole, the 11th is something to be seen even if you are not a keen golfer, this par 3 is 164M straight down.


 You won’t be needing the 5 or 6 iron you normally require to hit it this distance, depending on the wind this hole is as tough as they come.



With several undulations on the green making it very difficult to get up and down from anywhere.



Hole 12 – Par 4 – 288M – Stroke Index (14)


The 12th hole is a short and straight Par 4 and if you get your drive down the middle you should be able to attack the pin and look for a birdie.



The only danger is left as the big pines line the Out of Bounds fence.



The green slopes heavily from right to left so try and leave your second below the hole.



Hole 13 – Par 4 – 253M – Stroke Index (18)


As we enter Woodend’s version of Amen Corner don’t be fooled by this relatively short Par 4, with a blind tee shot you need to make sure your club selection is spot on.



In the Summer the Dam behind the green is well renowned for taking a scalp or two.



Again you need to make sure you place your ball in the right spot on this green as it slopes into the hole from all angles.



Hole 14 – Par 3 – 186M – Stroke Index (4)


Another one of Woodend’s tough Par 3’s this 186M hole is out of the shoot with the Dam to your left.



You need to be accurate with the ‘out of bounds’ fence to your left and long. 



This green is one of Woodend’s biggest so attack the pin at all costs.



Hole 15 – Par 4 – 318M – Stroke Index (2)


Woodend’s second hardest hole is a dogleg left, you need to make sure your drive is down the right hand side of the fairway to ensure you have a clean shot at the pin.



Whatever you do don’t go left as there is danger everywhere, your approach should be to the high side of the green. 



If your too far right you will find yourself in the fringe with a tough uphill chip or putt.



16th fairway


16th green

Hole 16 – Par 5 – 414M – Stroke Index (6/24)


This hole was recently lengthened to a Par 5 and while short, provides a true 'risk / reward' opportunity. Getting off the tee is the first challenge, with out of bounds on the left and trees to negotiate near the old tee on the RHS.

With the Out of Bounds fence following you up the left hand side lined by 100 year old pine trees you need to be down the middle, the approach is to a small crater like green, do not go long as this will bring even the best golfers undone.



Just when you think your work is done once you hole your putt, you'll need to keep some of your energy for the famous Rope Pull…


Hole 17 – Par 3 – 138M – Stroke Index (12)


The penultimate hole is a short Par 3 and is tougher than it looks, you need to trust your club and go at the pin.



Although it may seems shorter than you think many golfers come up short, perhaps they are afraid of what lies in the pines long.



Again another tough putting surface but the large green enables you to attack the pin from all angles.



Hole 18 – Par 4 – 315M – Stroke Index (16)


Woodend’s finishing hole is very picturesque dogleg left and demands another accurate tee shot. 



With the 9th and 10th fairway lining both sides of this hole you can afford to drive it long, once in the fairway you will have a reasonably short second to a flat green. 



So look to make birdie and go home on a high…